Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry to have been gone for so long, but we went camping this week for 4 days and didn't have internet access. We had so much fun! It got really hot though, so we went out and bought a baby pool for Camden to play in and stay cool. I really had a blast camping and Camden even slept longer than usual. I really hope it's because we had the air conditioner on all night and the noise helped keep him asleep. I am going out tonight to buy a sound machine and hopefully get some sleep!

 Yes, that is a gold Jesus
 Mad because he can't crawl yet!


 This is one of my favorites!

Our camper 

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  1. Looks like fun! If We lived closer to each other we could hang out and go camping and hiking together :P we just got back from an 8 Day trip, of course we don't have a super cool really awesome camper like you do! Paint me jealous :P