Thursday, June 23, 2011

Growing like a weed!

I really can't believe how fast this kid is growing! He's going to be 8 months old this week!

It blows my mind.

He can already crawl, sit, babble, say mama, eats table food, plays by himself. I think he's going to start driving next week! Last night he started doing this:

He also decided he didn't want to sleep, so we watched So You Think You Can Dance and he played with his toys. Well, it got a little quiet and I looked over to see this:

Yep, that's my little boy standing up! I couldn't believe it!

Brandon came home from work around 11 and we were still up, so he thought it would be a good idea to wear out the baby.

Not the best quality pictures since I didn't have my speedlight in the basement, but his faces are priceless! He finally went to bed at midnight and still woke up four times and was up for the day at 7... so I'm a little tired today.

In other news, my Firefox isn't working for some strange reason and Internet Explorer is soooooo slow! It took forever for these pictures to load and it won't let me upload more than one photo at a time... I really home Firefox gets it's act together, I miss it.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Cooking for one sucks! Brandon works in a steel factory, so he is on a shift schedule. This week, he has to leave at 1 for work so I'm on my own for dinner and sometimes lunch.

Today I made mini 'pizzas' for lunch. Basically it was just bread, sauce and cheese in the oven for 5 minutes. Eh, that wasn't too bad. So dinner comes around and I have no clue what to make. I'm digging through the cabinets and came across some Hamburger Helper. Ok, we can do that.

Except I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking the hamburger, so I just made the sauce and noodles.

Well, it burned to the bottom and had big gooey chunks of the cheesy sauce in it.

Pretty much a failure for dinner.

Oh well! Hey, check out my photography blog here for a 'selfie' picture including Mr. Camden himself!
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Friday, June 17, 2011


We went to Branson, MO last week for a little family vacation. It was so much fun! Well, at least once we got there it was fun!

We left our house around 9am. I think it was about 1pm when we heard a *pop*, we hadn't hit anything, so we pulled over to check and make sure everything was ok, well we had blew a tire on our camper. So Brandon gets out to change it (btw it was like 90 degrees outside) only to find that we don't have the right wrench to get the tire off. So we called a tow truck and he came out and changed it for us. The spare was from like 2000, so we didn't want to drive on it and went searching for a new one. It took us two hours to finally get back on the road! So our 10 hour trip turned into a 12 hour trip! Camden did really well with the car ride though and we only had to stop a few times for him.

I think it was like 11pm when we finally got there, so we got all set up in the dark, which really isn't any fun at all.

The next day we rode the Ducks, ya know these things:

They go on land and in the water, it was a lot of fun and the breeze felt nice since it was almost 100 degrees that day! Camden couldn't handle all the fun and actually fell asleep in Brandon's arms. That hasn't happened since he was two months old!

Then we went to the Butterfly Palace. It was pretty cool, but it was really over priced. I'll post some pics from there later.

The next day we went to Springfield and walked around the Bass Pro headquarters. Brandon is a big fishing guy so we visit our Bass Pro regularly. Well, in one week we went to theirs like 4 times. I told him he isn't allowed to ask to go to ours for a while! They did have a really cool fish tank:

Wednesday we went to the Titanic museum. It was really cool, but they don't allow pictures inside. When you walk up that give you a boarding pass and it has the name and story of a passenger aboard the Titanic. At the end they had all the passengers names and if they survived or not. My lady was Ida Strauss, she was 63 years old when the ship sank. She was married to the man who created Macy's. She was put into a life boat, but her husband refused to get in with her while there were women left on board. She got out of the lifeboat and held her husband and told him "We have lived together for many years, where you go I go." They both drowned that night.  So sweet and yet so sad.

Here is the museum from the outside:
 Cool, huh?

Anyway, Brandon went to Evangel for a couple years in Springfield, MO so he had this whole list of places he wanted to eat at and Lamberts was one of them. They throw rolls across the room at you! And they are some good rolls!

That night on the way home Camden threw up all over in the car. His whole shirt was soaked, it was pretty bad. We didn't realize he was getting a sinus infection that traveled to his eyes, you can kinda see it in his right eye, so the poor kid wasn't feeling the best. He did, however earn himself a sink bath in the camper:

Oh and he started trying to stand up in his pack n play

Thursday we went to the Fantastic Caverns in Springfield. Talk about stunning! The cave formations were breathtaking. The best part was they had a little trolly thing that drove you through the cave so we didn't have to carry Camden. The cave was initially explored by 17 women back in civil war times, which I thought was very cool since they had those huge puffy skirts to contend with. They also only had candle light, which is crazy to think about!
 These are called the Angel Wings

Then we went to the Precious Moments Chapel. It was beautiful! So serene, it was a great place to think of loved ones who aren't with us anymore.
All the people in this painting are based off of real people who have passed away.

 He wasn't too sure of the statue.

On our last day we went to the Wax museum and did mini golf. The best part of the day was when we played in the arcade. I beat Brandon at air hockey like 4 times. We had so much fun just hanging out like we used to when we were dating.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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