Thursday, June 23, 2011

Growing like a weed!

I really can't believe how fast this kid is growing! He's going to be 8 months old this week!

It blows my mind.

He can already crawl, sit, babble, say mama, eats table food, plays by himself. I think he's going to start driving next week! Last night he started doing this:

He also decided he didn't want to sleep, so we watched So You Think You Can Dance and he played with his toys. Well, it got a little quiet and I looked over to see this:

Yep, that's my little boy standing up! I couldn't believe it!

Brandon came home from work around 11 and we were still up, so he thought it would be a good idea to wear out the baby.

Not the best quality pictures since I didn't have my speedlight in the basement, but his faces are priceless! He finally went to bed at midnight and still woke up four times and was up for the day at 7... so I'm a little tired today.

In other news, my Firefox isn't working for some strange reason and Internet Explorer is soooooo slow! It took forever for these pictures to load and it won't let me upload more than one photo at a time... I really home Firefox gets it's act together, I miss it.


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  4. Oh my goodness super cute little one in an adorable froggy sleeper! Too much cuteness in one post :)

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  5. Your little one has the most amazing eyelashes!

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  6. Oh my gosh that scoot is the cutest!! He is so stinking adorable.