Saturday, July 2, 2011


I think my child skipped a few months and has now decided he's a toddler. Today he started saying 'da-da'. He started his vocabulary by repeating 'Boo' whenever we would say it to him. Then he started with 'ma-ma' and 'ba-ba', but when we tried to teach him 'da-da' he would just laugh at us!

Then this morning, he was playing downstairs like he always does in the morning, when he got quiet. Now any of you who have children know that when it gets quiet, someone is usually doing something they shouldn't be. I lean forward to see around the couch and what is this little monster doing? CLIMBING THE STAIRS!

Did I mention he's only 8 months old?

Yea, someone saw this picture and said "You have your hands full with that one!"

No kidding!

Someone hold me!

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  1. Wow, only 8 months? Carina has a long way to go!