Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm not neglecting you, I swear!

My husband has a fondness for vacations. He likes to go to Mexico once a  year for a week as well as many camping weekends. He hasn't seen much of the USA, just Mexico so I begged him, this year couldn't we go see Yellowstone, or the Grand Canyon? He agreed and invited his sister and her husband along to help cut the cost of gas. Well, my brother in-law was unemployed at the time, so it wasn't a problem to schedule. Needless to say, when he got a job in April, it didn't come with vacation time and they had to cancel on us. Gas would have cost us a fortune, so we scrapped that trip and opted for Branson, MO instead.

Last week, we were camping in Kentucky. Tomorrow we leave for Wisconsin Dells and the week after we will be camping at Santa Clause, IN (they have the BEST water park!).

I promise, I'm not neglecting you, I just don't have as many hours in the day that I need to be able to blog more! It feels like we get home from one trip just long enough to clean and re-pack for another. I'm all for family time and having fun, but this is getting a little tiring.

While we've been traveling, Camden has turned 8 months old, has two teeth, eats table food, crawls, pulls up on things and gets mad when there isn't a step for him to climb up. Ever since he figured out how to climb the stairs, he thinks there should be a baby step on everything so he can climb up on it!

Well, I'd better be going to bed, we will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning!

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