Monday, June 20, 2011


Cooking for one sucks! Brandon works in a steel factory, so he is on a shift schedule. This week, he has to leave at 1 for work so I'm on my own for dinner and sometimes lunch.

Today I made mini 'pizzas' for lunch. Basically it was just bread, sauce and cheese in the oven for 5 minutes. Eh, that wasn't too bad. So dinner comes around and I have no clue what to make. I'm digging through the cabinets and came across some Hamburger Helper. Ok, we can do that.

Except I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking the hamburger, so I just made the sauce and noodles.

Well, it burned to the bottom and had big gooey chunks of the cheesy sauce in it.

Pretty much a failure for dinner.

Oh well! Hey, check out my photography blog here for a 'selfie' picture including Mr. Camden himself!
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  1. I know what you mean. My husband works 3pm-1am so 4 nights a week I'm on my own for dinner. I used to never bother cooking because meh, what's the point, but now I just make dinner like normal and he eats the leftovers when he gets home. Sometimes he gets to leave around 11 and we'll have a late dinner together.

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  2. Welcome!
    I would do the same, but my husband doesn't eat leftovers, so I would be eating the same thing for like three days in a row!

  3. Hey! Following back from Home for 3! I look forward to reading more. :-D

  4. Hi I'm your newest follower from the Blog Toddle. :o) I love the poem under your header!

    Your mini pizzas sound delish!

  5. I'm sorry about your dinner fail. I've been having a lot of those lately. I feel like I have no creativity left.

    Thanks for linking up to Toddle Along Tuesday at Growing Up Geeky and Our Growing Garden! I'm your newest follower via GFC :)