Thursday, December 1, 2011


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

9 months!

My baby boy is 9 months old today! I can't believe he's been out in the world for as long as he was in my belly. He's grown and changed soooo much! Let me reflect for a moment:

Camden Richard, born October 28th, 2010
6lbs 8oz 19 inches
(he was so little! we were expecting at least 8lbs)

Daddy got to go with him to get cleaned up and checked out.

The first time I held him.

Now he's 9 months old, crawling, walking the furnature, climbing the stairs, eating table food, saying mama, dada, baba, ni-ni (night-night) and no-no and has two teeth. He is the light of my days and the stars of my nights. He has such a funny disposition, he's always playing and laughing and making faces.

His explorations get him into some trouble though. The marks on his nose are from his speaker-climbing adventures. He likes to stand up and slap the tall speakers next to the tv, well he lost his balance one day and slid face first down the speaker.

He has figured out that some of his toys roll under the couch and if he crouches down he can reach under the couch to get them.

He is always digging under the couch now!

Life is too short.

I've heard a lot of sad stories of people who are losing babies, parents, husbands or wives. I really feel for them, no one should have go through that, but it makes me so much more thankful for my little family.

Hug your babies a little tighter today. You never know what tomorrow could bring.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm not neglecting you, I swear!

My husband has a fondness for vacations. He likes to go to Mexico once a  year for a week as well as many camping weekends. He hasn't seen much of the USA, just Mexico so I begged him, this year couldn't we go see Yellowstone, or the Grand Canyon? He agreed and invited his sister and her husband along to help cut the cost of gas. Well, my brother in-law was unemployed at the time, so it wasn't a problem to schedule. Needless to say, when he got a job in April, it didn't come with vacation time and they had to cancel on us. Gas would have cost us a fortune, so we scrapped that trip and opted for Branson, MO instead.

Last week, we were camping in Kentucky. Tomorrow we leave for Wisconsin Dells and the week after we will be camping at Santa Clause, IN (they have the BEST water park!).

I promise, I'm not neglecting you, I just don't have as many hours in the day that I need to be able to blog more! It feels like we get home from one trip just long enough to clean and re-pack for another. I'm all for family time and having fun, but this is getting a little tiring.

While we've been traveling, Camden has turned 8 months old, has two teeth, eats table food, crawls, pulls up on things and gets mad when there isn't a step for him to climb up. Ever since he figured out how to climb the stairs, he thinks there should be a baby step on everything so he can climb up on it!

Well, I'd better be going to bed, we will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I think my child skipped a few months and has now decided he's a toddler. Today he started saying 'da-da'. He started his vocabulary by repeating 'Boo' whenever we would say it to him. Then he started with 'ma-ma' and 'ba-ba', but when we tried to teach him 'da-da' he would just laugh at us!

Then this morning, he was playing downstairs like he always does in the morning, when he got quiet. Now any of you who have children know that when it gets quiet, someone is usually doing something they shouldn't be. I lean forward to see around the couch and what is this little monster doing? CLIMBING THE STAIRS!

Did I mention he's only 8 months old?

Yea, someone saw this picture and said "You have your hands full with that one!"

No kidding!

Someone hold me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Growing like a weed!

I really can't believe how fast this kid is growing! He's going to be 8 months old this week!

It blows my mind.

He can already crawl, sit, babble, say mama, eats table food, plays by himself. I think he's going to start driving next week! Last night he started doing this:

He also decided he didn't want to sleep, so we watched So You Think You Can Dance and he played with his toys. Well, it got a little quiet and I looked over to see this:

Yep, that's my little boy standing up! I couldn't believe it!

Brandon came home from work around 11 and we were still up, so he thought it would be a good idea to wear out the baby.

Not the best quality pictures since I didn't have my speedlight in the basement, but his faces are priceless! He finally went to bed at midnight and still woke up four times and was up for the day at 7... so I'm a little tired today.

In other news, my Firefox isn't working for some strange reason and Internet Explorer is soooooo slow! It took forever for these pictures to load and it won't let me upload more than one photo at a time... I really home Firefox gets it's act together, I miss it.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Cooking for one sucks! Brandon works in a steel factory, so he is on a shift schedule. This week, he has to leave at 1 for work so I'm on my own for dinner and sometimes lunch.

Today I made mini 'pizzas' for lunch. Basically it was just bread, sauce and cheese in the oven for 5 minutes. Eh, that wasn't too bad. So dinner comes around and I have no clue what to make. I'm digging through the cabinets and came across some Hamburger Helper. Ok, we can do that.

Except I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking the hamburger, so I just made the sauce and noodles.

Well, it burned to the bottom and had big gooey chunks of the cheesy sauce in it.

Pretty much a failure for dinner.

Oh well! Hey, check out my photography blog here for a 'selfie' picture including Mr. Camden himself!
(while your there, follow my blog! I promise I don't post a lot and won't clog up your news feed!)